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What Is Fun Fieldz?

Fun Fieldz provides much more than sports-themed parties and special events.  Fun Fieldz ultimately provides our customers with a unique and memorable experience.  We provide a range of highly detailed fields for rent; promoting an engaging and healthy level of interaction between adults and children that is simply not possible with other offerings.  Our solutions are complete, including setup, organization, and take-down.

Every product and service that Fun Fieldz offers is focused on making customers’ events unique and exciting – an experience that everyone remembers.  To do this, we always ask our selves if the event will meet our 9 key values to an awesome experience:

Fun Fieldz 9 Values:

Engaging – Does the event actively engage the participants?

Interactive – Does the event promote interaction between children and adults?

Healthy – Does the event promote healthy active play?

Memorable – Will this event be discussed years later?

Unique – Is the event  a distinctly different experience?

Nostalgic – Does the event mirror “good old fashioned” play?

Inclusive – Does the event promote participation from people of ALL abilities?

Fun – Is the event fun?

Mobile – Can the event be brought to your location of choice?

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