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Why Invest?

If you think back to your childhood, what do you remember?  Playing all day outdoors with your friends, and making everything into a big production?  That is exactly what we do for our clients.  People hire Fun Fieldz to help each other celebrate and come together, reliving their childhood days; whether we are hired by the local recreation department as a feature in their community camp, or by parents to host a birthday party, fundraiser, or special event.  Did we mention schools and local corporations?  We help them with field day and unique team building events.  Now, you can too!

Low Cost Investment

$29,790 to $50,115 – Includes the Initial Franchise Fee of $15,000 and our initial training program.


6% on Gross Sales  program

At Fun Fieldz we realize that it takes some time to ramp up operations in a new area. That’s why we are currently waiving the royalty minimum for the first 6 months that a new franchise is in business. The royalty minimum begins the 7th month after the effective date of the Franchise Agreement.

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Brand Fund

$150 per month not including your local marketing.

Grand Opening

$1,000 to $1,500 in pre-opening funds committed to the business launch.

Fun and Health

How great is a job where you get paid to have fun?  Our events are engaging, promote healthy activity, and encourage interaction.  Become part of the Fun Fieldz team and you can too!

Proven Business Model

Fun Fieldz has developed a proven approach to attracting and retaining customers for its innovative events.  We’ve done all the hard work of building offerings that are complete, mobile, and delight customers!  Our playbook lets you know exactly how to best transport, set up, deliver, and take down a multitude of events so you can be immediately successful.

Our Ideal Owner

We look for owners who are able to launch and operate the business as the seasonality demands… teachers and adults who love to play, but can cultivate clients as well as run programs in the evening and on weekends during the fall, winter, and spring, but full-time in the summer to take advantage of summer camps that take place all week long.

Financial Qualifications

Minimum Liquidity $40,000 and Net Worth of $100,000.


Are you ready to play ball?